Our journey

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hanging Out

Just a few years ago, we never would have guessed that we would be passing the time in the evening drinking çay, eating baklava, and playing backgammon. It's been very key for us to be able to embrace the positive things of the "host culture" where we live. Believe me, çay and baklava is a combo worth embracing.

A couple of Heroes

Selah took this picture of her favorite Heroes. Not too bad.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Recent Conversations with Selah

Selah enjoys the pool on the balcony

What was I thinking??...the aftermath was not pretty.

Me: Come on, Selah. We're taking Eden to the doctor to get some shots.
Selah: I want to get a shot.
Me: But you don't need any shots, Selah. Shots aren't fun; they hurt.
Selah: But I really want to get a shot. I'll be sad if I don't get a shot.
Me: Okay, when we get to the doctor's office, tell her that you want a shot.
[Selah thinks for a moment.]
Selah: But I don't know how to say that in [her language].
Selah: Mommy and Daddy are from Houston.
Me: Yeah...Where is Selah from?
Selah: from Houston
Me: Where is Eden from?
Selah: Mommy's belly.
Me: Selah, you can't just rip things out of Eden's hands when you want them. You can't just take things away from your friends or they won't want to play with you anymore. You have to ask for things before you take them. [As I am saying this, I am brushing Selah's hair to put it in a pony-tail and try to take the pony-tail holder from Selah's hand.]
Selah: Mommy, you can't just take things out of my hands. You need to ask nicely.
Selah [to Dad]: Where are we going?
Dad: WE'RE not going anywhere. Daddy's going to work.
Selah: You're going to work AGAIN?
Selah has an assigned drawer in the kitchen. This is for her cups/containers and toys...THE drawer that she has permission to play in. Yesterday, as I was cooking dinner, I notice her run into the kitchen, open her drawer and pull out a sippy cup full of water. She took a drink, put the cup back in the drawer and ran out of the kitchen. I guess this is now her special water stash.

Eden is starting to enjoy her exersaucer

She loves her changing table. Notice the chunky legs.

Selah providing toys for Eden

Friday, September 11, 2009

Update on the Girls

Last week we went to the Northeast part of the country for a vacation in the mountains. It was beautiful. Selah and I tried on one of the local head-dresses. We saw beautiful, lush mountain meadows, rivers, beautiful rock bridges and lots of bad roads! On the first day, Selah wanted to go home. She wasn't so excited about the great outdoors. She quickly warmed up to it and knew what a river, meadow, tea plant, bee farm were when we left.

Rock Bridge

At the ruins of an old fortress

Eden is doing great! She is a plump, happy girl--as long as I am disciplined enough to stay on the diet. She is sleeping from about 7 PM - 6 AM without a feeding. She takes 2- 3 naps a day and usually takes a 2-hour nap in the morning and at least 2 more 1-hour naps in the afternoon. Though, today she is working on her second 2-hour nap as I write. She can stay up for about 2 hours before she loses control and melts into a wad of whine. To put her to sleep, I sing 2 songs then turn her over to her tummy and pat her bottom for a couple of minutes. If I haven't missed the "window of opportunity," she'll pop her thumb in her mouth and drift off to dreamland on her own.
She loves to smile and has started laughing at loud when tickled in the right spot. Eden is starting to grab things that pass in front of her hands, including my drinks and food. She likes to lay on her play mat and grab the toys above head but usually rolls over to her belly within a couple of minutes. Then, she doesn't know what to do with herself. Eden definitely prefers to be on her tummy and rolls both ways with ease.
We took Eden for her 4 month appointment this week. She bravely received 2 shots and Selah ate Eden's reward lollipop for her.

Weight: 6.5 kg = 14 lbs 5 oz
Height: 63 cm = 24.8 in

Selah continues to "love strong," as Ryan would say. She gives powerful hugs and kisses and is a close-talker when it comes to talking to Eden. Selah is full of questions about life and..everything and enjoys wrestling with her daddy. She laughs a lot and has a lot of fun. She is increasingly strong-willed and likes to do things without any help--go to the bathroom, change clothes, turn the t.v. on/off, get in the stroller, put shoes on, feed herself, etc. Last night, she cleared the table and wiped it clean while I put Eden to bed. She is also happy to use the dust buster to clean her crumbs after snacks/meals.

Selah entertains herself with books, coloring, playdough, and babies. She has 4 baby dolls and finds taking care of them is a full-time job. Her favorite book/movie is currently Snow White. She has told me several times that she wants to read Cinderella and Beauty and Beast next (these books are pictured in the Snow White book). Selah's imagination is in full force as she pretends to swing her cousin Sara Kate at the park. We also regularly have dinner with Sara Kate's family (Ryan's sister, Rebecca; David; and Elisabeth). At least once a day, I think we reenact the scene from Snow White where Snow White eats the apple, falls asleep and then the prince wakes her up with a kiss. Of course, Daddy is the prince. Selah is Snow White and I am the mean queen. (Am I really that mean?) Selah loves to change clothes and wear skirts and dresses while she dances around the living room. She still spends a lot of time at the park. I've asked about preschools and one of my friends told me how much they cost....not sure I'm up for using that percentage of our income on preschool. So, we're going to put that one on the back burner for a while.

Selah's Stats:
Weight: 15 kg = 33 lbs
Height: 92 cm = 36 inches

In our cabin

Picnic in the mountain meadow

A few more scarfs