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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Eden Footage

Two videos of Eden. She's 21 months old and talking all the time. When she wakes up, her first words are, "Selah woke up?" Every night she looks at pictures in her room and says goodnight to the people in the pictures. The first video was taken after Selah finished with the cheerleader costume. Eden put it on and did the same thing she saw Selah doing, minus the jumping around. She's saying, "Go (H)Aggies!" Of course, you'll also catch a glimpse of Selah's performance...which are never ending in our house! In the second video, Selah was helping Eden practice her words. Notice how Eden says what Selah asks her to say but not what her mom asks.


Blogger mama wolf said...

These are great!!! Wonderful entertainment for the grandparents.

6:28 AM


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