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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Selah & Eden Playing

Eden is old enough now that she really enjoys playing with her big sister. When Selah is gone, Eden notices and asks where she is. A friend tells me that she noticed when our babysitter takes the girls to the park, Eden plays more and seems happier when Selah is with her.
Of course, they fight and hit during the course of their play and we're working on teaching both of them how to treat people, especially loved ones. Eden seems to love the concept of time out and will give herself one if she is reprimanded for her behavior. Things she likes to do: hit in the face, pull hair, or push. Selah has perfected the art of swiping a toy and running, or holding her things high in the air when Eden is present--to keep Eden from touching them.
Ryan and I are new to the world of teaching our children how to get along, though we both had 2 siblings growing up--so we should know something from experience, right? One thing I'm trying to do is teach the girls to talk to one another about their issues before getting Ryan or me involved. You know kids, one takes the toy and the "wronged" kid whines to mom. It seems to me that these are good opportunities to teach the girls how Jesus taught us to deal with conflict. They should talk to one another first before bringing the adult on the scene. I know they're young, but Selah definitely grasps the concept. I don't know if it is effective, but something I'm trying. If any of you very wise and experienced friends have any great tips for me, I'd love to hear!


Blogger Ryan said...

These girls can move! Be sure and note that halfway through the song, Eden notices her toothbrush on the floor and grabs it for a quick cleaning. Also, if you can't tell what she is saying, she keeps yelling, "Dogs out!"

12:54 PM

Blogger The Akin Family said...

This is hilarious! Loving the Martina in the background also. Miss yall!

1:19 PM


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