Our journey

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crossing our T's

That Sunday that I described so many months ago didn't do me in, as it may have appeared. Since then, Selah "graduated" from her preschool. The day before her graduation she told me she dressed up like Santa Claus at school. I was confused about this because I thought I'd paid $15 to rent a cap and gown for the "ceremony".

The "Santa Claus" costume

Selah's favorite teacher

We've crossed one "T" and landed in another. We are now back in the place where we lived before moving overseas and settling in to a routine (or trying to). We have been home for almost 5 weeks and have been in about 10 different beds. The girls have been quite adaptable and patient. I can't say so much for myself on a few certain days, though. We've had a lot of fun seeing family, friends, and making new friends. We've eaten some great Tex-Mex and Blue Bell ice cream. The most rejuvenating activity of our 5 weeks has been getting out on some friends' boats and reconnecting with the wakeboard, tube, and learning to wake-surf.

A generous couple is allowing us to stay in their house while they're away. Selah didn't like her room at first but a trip to Walmart and a Princess-sheet purchase fixed that. Seriously, every day she'd ask if she could spend the night with Ama because she didn't like her room. I agree, compared to Ama's "grand-daughter room" her bedroom is like a jail cell. Maybe we'll find some time to get creative and decorate her room. Any creative person want to come over for a craft day and help me out? I mean, I would like to keep the investment at a minimum since we have less than 5 months left.

On Sunday we headed back to the place where Ryan and I met. We enjoyed being at that church again and Gig [ing] 'em and whatnot. Whoop! (that was for you, Laura L.)

Selah has asked me when we are going home several times now. Today we made a chain to count down the days. It has 143 links in the chain. Eden made every attempt possible to foil the creation of this chain. But, Selah and I prevailed with a determined deaf ear turned toward the crying.