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Saturday, April 09, 2011


It's a big day at our house. As a reward for sleeping 5 consecutive nights in the same room as Eden (without incident), Selah picked out a large goldfish at the pet store. At some point, we must have told her that fish can be a little fragile and even die. Selah has been very concerned. On the ride home from the pet store, she made us hold up the bag every few minutes to check on the fish. Here are some quotes from the last 30 minutes.
"If you stop looking at it, she will die."
"Uh-oh, she's not breathing! Oh, she's OK."
Through tears, "Oh no, the bag fell over!"
"Why is she just sitting there?"

The guy at the pet store told me the little turtles will live longer. I offered that alternative to Selah, but she said the turtles looked angry.

So here, we are. New pet owners. Her name is Sarah, by the way. We hope that she will be with us a long time, but it sounds like we are all prepared for her eventual demise--maybe too prepared.


Blogger Two Plus Two Ags said...

Hey, I'm just now reading some of these past entries. Do you still have the fish? I had a gold fish named Treasure for 6 years! We certainly didn't do anything special, as we were often negligent, but God had a plan for that little fish. Of course, I also had others that didn't last a week. I hope it's been a good experience.

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