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Sunday, February 06, 2011

2 1/2 Weeks

This is the new retro-fitted computer cabinet I told you about last week. I still like it--a lot.

This is how Eden plays with markers: coloring her face, lips, legs, arms, etc. The markers are under lock now, but she still manages to get her hands on them.

From the beginning of the first child becoming ill to the (hopeful) end of the 2nd parent--and everyone in between--we've been sick for over 2 weeks. On day 10 of being sick I finally went to the doctor and learned something new-but not about viruses or colds.
I learned that I assumed primary physician-type care functioned the same way here as it does in the States. When I was pregnant with Selah, my OB told me that she would be my primary physician during the pregnancy. So, when I decided to go to the doctor on Friday, I made an appointment with my OB. She gave me a slightly confused look when I explained my symptoms to her and told me, politely, that I should make an appointment with an ENT. So, 30 minutes and 1 "just for fun" ultrasound later, I was in with the ENT in the neighboring building of the hospital. After the appointment, I put the dots together and realized that I am almost certain that we don't see general physicians for anything here. We always go to the specialist. The great thing is, I don't need any kind of referral to do that. Different countries, different practices...most likely because insurance companies work differently here. The diagnosis: sinusitis. Hopefully we'll all feel 100% soon.
Ryan and Selah had a date night on Thursday. Both of us got excited about dressing her up for the show. They saw Aladdin on Ice. They left 1 hour early and arrived 30 minutes late due to horrific traffic. Selah fell asleep during that long drive and Ryan carried her into the ice rink. He said he wasn't sure she ever fully woke up, but did seem interested in the show. She slept all the way home.
She chose to have two french braids and her Indonesian dress and church shoes.

Sick on the couch

She looks TOO grown up in this shot...but oh so beautiful, just like a "princess"

Today, we went to the park as a family for little while and enjoyed the sun and fresh air. We stopped at the picnic tables to enjoy some spinach or ground beef or feta cheese filled pastry. The girls love the spinach filled ones.

After returning to our apartment building, Selah and I posed for a 25 (ish) week prego shot.


Blogger Jamie said...

Wow! She can still fit into the Indonesian dress! Get better soon! I recently had the flu and it was pretty awful. I like Selah's pose at the end! You look gorgeous.

10:55 AM


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