Our journey

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun stuff!

1) Selah brought her little training potty into the living room, 20 minutes later she asked to take her diaper off, sat on the potty and peed!!! We haven't been trying to train her but bought the potty to get her used to the idea...maybe she'll do this on her own.
Selah entertains herself at daddy's expense

2) At our anniversary dinner the other night, our waiters correctly assumed that we spoke English and spoke English with us for about 30 minutes. Then, I asked for a lemonade in the national language (but with a really good grammar combo) and the waiter smiled because he was surprised that I spoke so amazingly well (well, maybe not "amazingly well"). He proceeded to speak to me rather than Ryan for most of the evening...in the national language. Ryan and I think it is because the waiter assumed I was the one with the language and Ryan was not (definitely a 1st).
Happy 6th Anniversary!

3) Last night we had some national friends over for dinner and watched a bit of Phelps in his races. At the exact same time the man and I said, in the national language, "There is no fat on Phelps!" The amazing thing was that our sentences were constructed exactly the same!! I'm pretty excited about that.

I don't seem to have enough responsibilities in my life....thought I'd add some.

Friday, August 08, 2008


We enjoyed a trip to the beach yesterday with friends. The water was still coldish, but not as bad as it was in May. I would call it refreshing. Selah enjoys being thrown in the air, so don't worry: There were no toddlers harmed in the making of this cool picture. Life is going pretty well here otherwise. It's not as hot as it was last summer, which is certainly nice.