Our journey

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back from Finland

We had a great time in Finland. We arrived back home last night. We have a mountain of laundry and I have a long to do list. We have been traveling since June 30. We have a whole month in our own house until we go on our next trip for a week. Here is the whole group at the lakehouse in Heinola.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Museum Dance

Here is Selah in a Museum in Ephesus last week. She's a ham.

Monday, July 14, 2008


After a great trip out east and then a seven churches tour, we came to Finland. In fact, we were only in our apartment for 10 hours after getting back from the airport from one trip and leaving for the airport for the other one. We didn't intend for that, but yesterday was one of the only days in the month with the cheap airfare.

Anyway, we are so glad to be here with some great friends from when we lived in San Francisco. We are here with two other families at Mikko's father's lakehouse about 1 hour outside of Helsinki. We've only been here about 24 hours but already I'm ready to book our tickets to come here next year. It has been so relaxing. Here are some pics of the accommodations. We're looking forward to a great time. We'll be here for 10 days!
The view from the couch.

On the porch

The lake is about 100 m from the back door.

Monday, July 07, 2008

How many days left?

This is the question Laura just asked me. We have been away from home 6 days and we have 6 days left. We are enjoying some amazing sites and people way out in Eastern Turkey. And in 2 days we will fly west w/ my parents and some others to do a 7 churches of Revelation tour in W. Turkey. Living out of a suitcase (and pack and play w/ Selah) has not been the highlight, but it has been bearable as the grandparents are helping out a lot. And the people and sites we have encountered have been amazing. Here are some pics. Also, I am uploading pics and videos as we go to our Flickr and YouTube sites, so click on those links on the right side.
Laura translates in the village.

A 500 yr old fortress

Selah splashes water from the river border Turkey-Armenia

Grandaddy takes Selah for a ride in the village.