Our journey

Friday, December 28, 2007


We had a great time in the mountains over the past 3 days. The hotel we stayed in was across the street from the lift that was included in our hotel daily rate. I had never used a T-bar lift, but adjusted fairly easily. It reminded me of my days in Wolf Creek trying to ride behind the snowcat (tractor) with my poles through a loop in a rope because when I fell, I took people out. Fortunately, I only took Ryan out the two times that I fell. Ryan taught himself how to snowboard and looked great when we left yesterday!
There were quite a few other lifts on the moutain, but we had to pay for those separately, so we stuck to the runs that kept us near our lift--most of which were blue/green difficulty. Three big, delicious meals a day were also included in the daily rate--making for a very relaxing, short vacation.

While we skiied, Selah slept and played a little with some friends that joined us on the trip. There were a lot of foreigners on this trip because it was organized by a foreigner and an invitation to attend was extended to a huge email group of foreigners. Selah got bronchitis just before we left for the mountains so she didn't get to play in the snow as much as we had hoped. She did make it out on the last day for about 15 minutes to do some sledding. She really seemed to enjoy it and was hoping to eat the snow a few times!
As I skiied down the moutain on Thursday morning, a medic team on snow mobiles and skii's stopped me and asked me to be a model for a magazine. I hesitantly asked what I would have to do and they said I would just need to lay on the ground and look hurt. I didn't want to pass up my first modeling job offer and knew it would definitely be humorous, so I conferred with Ryan and said yes. Ryan had to reassure many on-lookers that I was not injured, only posing. I guess I might have an acting career ahead of me as well!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Selah Walks - Success and Failure

Selah is walking better and better everyday (First part of the video). As with most growth in our lives, it doesn't always come easy (Last part of the video).

Also, unfortunately, Selah is sick right now. She got her MMR immunization on Friday, as part of her 1 year well baby check up, and now she has an on and off fever and a good bit of mucus drainage. Even with all of that she was able to put on the walking show for you, though. We hope it passes soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Selah!

Selah's birthday is so special, she had two parties today at our home. She really liked the cake (further proof that she is definitely Laura's daughter). Her birthday is actually Wednesday, the 19th, but we celebrated today.Why is everyone taking my picture?

Signing for more cake.

Chocolate cake makes me happy!

Cleaning up the carnage.

Early Present

Selah just could not wait. Laura left the living room for a moment and came back to sound of paper ripping. She had her eye on a gift she was sure was hers. Of course she was right. Up until then she had stayed away from the tree, because she doesn't like the feel of the pointy fake leaves (needles?). But on this day, she was rewarded with a nice fluffy lion.Who, me?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Selah Walkingish

Selah has been pulling up on everything for a while now. She also pushes her walker hippo toy around a lot. She can stand on her own for 4 or 5 seconds at a time. Here's a shot of her walking just holding one of Laura's hands. We're pretty sure she'll be walking soon!