Our journey

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

T-minus 3 months

We have not taken nearly as many of these kinds of pictures as we did the last pregnancy. I'm guessing that will probably be a continuing theme.

This pic is hilarious to me b/c my language tutor is a retired colonel and has been a very straight-laced language professor for many years. He is playing with the Etch-a-Sketch and Selah is reading one of my textbooks. Perfect

Profile view.

The 4D Ultrasound shot. See any resemblance to any of us?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Texas and Back

Well, it seems like you blink and it's been a month since the last update. We were busy going to Houston and Amarillo I reckon. We've been back for 8 days and really just in the last 2 days we've completely gotten over jet lag. This has been the longest jet lag recovery for any of us. We were all a little sick when we got back so I'm sure that didn't help.

Now that Selah has adjusted back to GMT +2, we decided to let her try to sleep in her big girl bed. We've had the bed for several months in her room. We bought it at Ikea when the dollar spiked. Well, I thought for sure that she would get up a bunch of times since she wasn't confined by her crib. But she only got up once. I made good on my threat, she went back to bed, and that was that it seems.

At any rate, here are a few pics from Texas.

Blue Dog--Selah's new best friend in Amarillo

Wacky Uncle Chris and Selah's static hair in dry Amarillo

Pretty sweet birthday present from Grammy & Pops

An Elmo birthday party