Our journey

Sunday, April 26, 2009

No baby yet.

My lack of communication does not imply that I have had a baby and am busy tending to her, sorry! It means that I've been lazy and feel like I've got nothing to post.

A wrap up of this week will have to suffice for this post until baby news comes.

A little over a week ago, my grandpa's nephew's granddaughter, Lindsey, came to visit. She's studying in Switzerland. We spent a lot of our younger years together. She came to visit Istanbul and we were so happy to get to spend some time with her!
Last Sunday, I walked a few laps around the park across the street, approximately 3 km. The parks are flooded with people on Sundays in this country, so I think my size, and the fact that I was walking alone, was quite a spectacle as heads were turning and following my waddle the entire time I walked.

On Monday, I woke up with a pretty bad ache in my side and "worked it out" via a work-out video, but only ended up in more pain with a severe back-ache. I tried to push through and take Selah to a McDonald's with a playground (so I could sit and she could play in a contained area) and succeeded. But later I had to call Ryan home because I really couldn't move around anymore and mostly just needed distraction from the pain. My backache stopped on Tuesday around noon and I got busy with some deep cleaning that needed to be done.
Thursday was the World Children's Day (according to this country) and we wanted to go watch a parade, but it was canceled because it was chilly outside--and everyone knows that you don't take children outside when it is chilly, right?! We went to a mall instead, confident we would find some sort of entertainment for the holiday, and we did! Selah enjoyed playing in the play area with other kids the most.

We went to the doctor Friday and were told that the baby looks well and probably wasn't going to come for at least a few more days. I aslo had a "non-stress" test done, where the fetal heart rate monitor and contraction monitor were hooked on my belly and I just layed on the "bed" for a while. After the doctor was satisfied that the baby's heart rate was changing with her movement (I think that is what she was looking for), we were given the okay to come back next Thursday, if the baby still hasn't come forth. I was most relieved that the doctor didn't want to discuss induction and even told me that after next week (41 weeks), I'd have to come in every 3 days. Praise the Lord, that is an answer to prayers!

Selah wanted to ride the boat, so after getting home from the doctor, we rode the train to the ferry and across the sea to Europe. We had dinner under a bridge, where we could watch all the boat traffic and returned home to have an enjoyable evening at some friends house playing games.

Yesterday, some other friends came over and cooked dinner for us and played games. All in all, I think the waiting is easier this time. Selah is a good distraction and I am not feeling pressured to make decisions about induction. I am very thankful. BUT...I AM really, really ready to give birth!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I guess a new post is in order. No news. Can that be the end of the post?

Actually, I go to the doctor tomorrow and we'll see how things are progressing. According to the count down clock on the right side of the blog, I'm ten days from the due date. Last time I went to the doctor, I was finally convinced of the legitimacy of the margin of error on the measurements. Baby sister's head and other body parts measured smaller than 2 weeks prior, so I'm going to let that comfort me. We're still praying to be blessed with a birth that isn't brought on by anyone but God. Selah was just asking baby sister to come out an play again today, as she wrapped the present she plans to give her when the baby comes out....a new pink pacifier!

We celebrated Easter at a park about 100 feet from the Sea. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit cold, but the worship, picnic and Easter Egg Hunt were fun. Selah also enjoyed a nice candy bracelet from her Grammy & Pops.