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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good news!

Praise the Lord, she turned! Now, we can pray that she'll stay that way!! You can also pray for wisdom over the next several weeks as we prepare for baby Wolf's arrival and prepare Selah for her arrival. Pray that we will trust the Lord more and more every day.

According to the ultrasound that was done yesterday, I've got approximately 7 pounds of baby in there right now and 5 weeks til my due date. Her head really is huge....maybe her head had a growth spurt and the rest of her body with spend the next 5 weeks catching up!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost 35 completed weeks!!

We went to the park last Sunday morning to take some pics of my pregnant belly and the family one last time before our second little girl arrives. Selah required some bribing with Red Hots to participate at times, but I think we got several good shots. These were taken at 34 weeks. I was trying to get them at the same time that we had them made just before Selah was born. There are more on flickr, if you want to see them....just click on the link on the right that says "Our Flickr pics."

We're also all ready for baby sister to arrive. I went to the doctor last week and she said, according to the ultrasound machine's measurements (and many very, very sophisticated calculations and guesses) that the baby still looks healthy and on target for the April 23 due date. However, we've got a big one....her head is measuring about 4 weeks ahead of the actual gestational age (based on averages, of course) and she probably weighed in at 2.5 kg or 5.5 lbs. The doctor's prediction is that we'll have a 9 pounder....oh Lord, help me! Also, she has turned and is NOW breeched with her head poking my ribs on the left side. If you want to pray for me, please pray that I'll trust God's sovereignty and His provision for all of our needs over the next weeks/months.

In other news, Selah, Ryan and I are absolutely, 100% ready for spring/summer to arrive. Since we returned from the states in early January, it has been rainy, cold and cloudy about 95% of the time. Last week, after Selah woke up from her nap she immediately started talking about going swimming at the beach or the swimming pool. Then she asked to put her swimsuit on. So, we put everything on (including tights under the suit to keep warm) and went swimming in the bathtub. She had a great time splashing, "just like in the pool", and swimming, "like Michael Phelps."

One more great piece of news. Our second niece was born last week. Her name is Elisabeth Grace. She's a beautiful baby and apparently a great sleeper. Lord, can I have one like that too?
Granddaddy with his 3rd granddaughter

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Selah Guitar

Just when you think Selah has done it all, she proves that she can be a musical instrument.