Our journey

Saturday, November 22, 2008

November in Pictures

18 weeks

Reading in Selah's big girl bed, though she doesn't sleep in it yet.

Sunset out our window.

Friends watching the world together.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We have some great neighbors! The other night a downstairs neighbor that we rarely see showed up at the door with 2 gifts for Selah. Selah was thrilled to receive a porcelain baby dressed like a joker and a stuffed dog holding a bag full of miniature Toblerone bars. We let Selah have a bite and sent the rest with Ryan to work. Selah was thrilled about her gifts. I think she'll enjoy Christmas and her birthday this year. She is quite experienced at opening packages, thanks to our great mothers and friends.

Keep checking back, I'll force myself to put a pregnancy photo up next time I look presentable. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drive-Thru McDonald's

On Sunday we were driving home from church and I decided that I'd prefer NOT to prepare lunch so we decided to stop by one of the few DRIVE-THRU McDonald's in our city. When we pulled up to the window and Ryan placed our order, I caught a glimpse of the look on Selah's face as she looked out the window....it was though she was thinking, "What is going on here? Why is daddy pulling up next to this building and talking to that lady? Why are we just sitting here?" Then she started pulling on her seat belt saying, "Out. Get out." I laughed as I realized this was one of her first drive-thru experiences as a conscious human being. She was confused by the entire situation but relieved when the french fries came. Ryan and I also laughed about how nice it felt to pick up food from a drive-thru. It was a momentary familiarity that brought a nice warm-and-fuzzy.

We also want to announce that we found out the gender of our next child. Drum roll please.....


We are really excited that all of Selah's adorable clothes will get to be worn again and are suprised that Ryan's sister, who is due with her second approximately 7 weeks before us will also be having her second girl. Lots of girls are coming to Granddaddy and Ama!! Here's the newest picture of the little bun in the oven.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Fun at the Wolf house!

Sorry we haven't updated in so long. I couldn't get on our site for a while because the government here had blocked it. Now we're back in business.
Selah enjoys being drug around the house as a "burrito". It is kind of gross b/c I feel like she mops the floor with her head, but its a father-daughter thing as you can see.
Selah trying on her Amarillo Christmas dress.

About 3 weeks ago, we decided Selah was ready to be potty-trained. After we received the exciting Minnie Mouse and Cinderella panties in the mail from my mom, I was ready to give it a shot. I really didn’t do any research but decided from things I’d read or heard somewhere that I’d give her a gummy bear every time she tee-teed in the potty. About 2 weeks ago I decided that Selah was going to wear her panties all the time except for naptime. It only took about 1 week until she stopped having accidents in her panties and she now tells us every time she needs to go potty. I’m very proud of how quickly and easily she did it. Well done, Selah! Initially, we needed to get her to sit for a few minutes to relax, so we pulled out a magazine from the time of the Olympics that featured stories on Michael Phelps. Now she’s in a habit of looking at Phelp’s pics every few days while she relaxes on the potty. She asks over and over again, “Micheal. Micheal Phelps, mommy….Micheal.”

Last week Selah and I got out some construction paper to make paper pumpkins and begin talking about Thanksgiving. I ended up making two Jack-o-lanerns b/c it was so close to Halloween. I’ve added the second picture to remind myself and other moms like me that I do have to put some things off in order to have fun creative moments with Selah. While we were having fun, the kitchen and bedrooms all remained in disarray. Its okay. They’ll get cleaned up eventually and I like playing with Selah more!!

Last Friday, for the first time since we’ve been married, Ryan and I went to a costume Halloween Party. After lots of thinking (which started less than 24 hours before the party), we decided to try to be David and Victoria Beckham. We didn’t have much time to acquire our costumes, but Ryan made it to the pazar and bought me some big earrings and bargained to get himself a Beckham soccer jersey. I put on lots of makeup and had Ryan give me a “tattoo” starting at the base of my neck, going down the spine. I gave Ryan a great tattoo on his right arm and he gave himself a few others. It was fun to try to dress up as someone and go out for the evening
Selah in her Halloween outfit opening a gift from Grammy....an exciting new tea set. And, yes, she is very excited about it! She fell a few days before this picture and her lip took the brunt of the fall. There was a lot of blood. Mommy doesn't get rattled easily, but lots of blood coming out of Selah's mouth rattled her!